More Pictures: Cats and Oxtail

Here are some pictures of us with our kitty friend Tika Splotch, as requested. Here he is begging for his dinner.  Notice how his tail takes an unnatural 90 degree turn at the very end.   Here he is in his splotchy glory, chasing after JM looking for some more food.  Here he is scarfing down his tuna, oblivious to the world because he’s got some fish.

On another food note, here’s some people food: Sop Buntut, which we posted about earlier this week.  Geez, we’re just full of links today.

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  1. Suzanna January 29, 2005

    Clearly a charming kitty! Forwarded message from Voltron: “Evil foster mother indeed! This is the lush life – you guys (pardon me if I can’t recall your names) can stay away for another 18 months for all we care. And when you do come home there’ll be some changes: I require Fancy Feast (warmed) in a silver bowl thrice daily; feather cat-bed placed in comfy spots around the house at my discretion; a hamster or gerbil at floor level. Will detail other requirements attendant on my custody at a later date.”

  2. Julie and Tom January 30, 2005

    Aww, poor neglected Voltron. You tell him that we’re not buying him a feather cat-bed because we know that he’ll never use it, preferring instead to sleep in cardboard boxes on the floor or alternatively under the bed, wedged up inside the boxspring.

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