Again we apologize for the delay, but we’ve finally got some pictures up from our trip.  Click here and go nuts.  Sorry there’s so many, we just saw tons of cool stuff.  In this photo album you will find pictures of Jogjakarta, Borobudur, Prambanan, and Solo.

And not to worry, there’s about 100 more which will be coming…

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  1. lawrence santiago January 17, 2005

    hey why dont you visit singapore as well? im a graduate student from the national university of singapore, studying political theory and southeast asian politics…singapore is southeast asia’s communication hub, and most (if not all) the best southeast asian-ists and southeast asian scholars are here in singapore. try visiting our school’s website:
    by the way, your travel log seems to be very interesting. are you a student of politics? just wondering.
    -lawrence santiago, nus

  2. lawrence santiago January 17, 2005

    i can offer my place for you if you like to go here in singapore. well, most people find singapore very expensive. but when you know the right people, and get free accomodation, it’s not really a huge problem. you can enjoy the night safari here, aside from the asian civilizations museum–the largest collection of southeast asian art and archives. but jakarta and kl, indonesia and malaysia, are different stories altogether–try visiting the philippines too…the gem of this region, and my local origin…goodluck!

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