We’re writing this post from Manggis, a village outside of the town of Candi Dasa, located on the east coast of Bali.  We are happy to report that after 40 hours of travelling, my (TP’s) parents arrived, tired but none the worse for wear.

Our hotel here is just wonderful.  First off, real showers (much better than we had dealt with since leaving Jakarta).  Second off, beautiful scenery.  Third off, super food.  We’ve let mom and dad slowly become acclimated to the time difference, which is +13 hours from the East Coast.  They seem to be enjoying themselves.

What is particularly nice is that this town is small and relatively isolated, meaning that it’s not crawling with loud tourists like Kuta.  It’s so peaceful and pretty here, you can really get a sense of why so many Westerners decide that they want to move here.

So far we’ve seen the organic gardens that the place owns, lounged and drank fruity cocktails, and biked through a little village.  Tomorrow is a big day, with a cooking class, a trip to an apiary, and a place to see traditional fabric weaving.

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  1. Suzanna January 10, 2005

    Glad the parental units arrived intact. Post some pictures!

  2. Tom and Julie January 12, 2005

    We would make them blog, but they don’t want to come inside. Having too much fun in the sun, all the good stuff. Maybe we’ll convince them tomorrow or the next day.

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