Silly Knockoffs

Our top-five favorite restaurants with names that are "not quite right" is as follows.  We swear we are not making these up.

5.    California Fried Chicken
4.    Texas Fried Chicken
3.    Black Steer (Famous Ribs)
2.    Starbooks
1.    Papa Ron’s Pizza

What is weird is that they also have the actual KFC and Starbucks–not to mention McD’s, Wendy’s, Pizza Hut (featuring our favorite topping, beeforn), A&W, and tons more.  For all of you who can’t get enough BBQ chicken pizza, they even have a California Pizza Kitchen chain here.

If you were to go to only these restaurants, you would swear that fried chicken (American style) and white rice is the national dish.  Heck, even Wendy’s has a fried chicken and rice deal.  The McDonald’s near the place we shop for groceries is always jam packed, and if you can’t make it there yourself, they will deliver your Big Mac on a motorcycle, 24 hours a day.  We have proudly avoided all of these Western capitalist imperialist (kidding) establishments, except for Dunkin’ Donuts and the A&W restaurants.  We were desparate for coffee one day, you see, and that was the only place around.  As for A&W, what can we say, the root beer is good.  Dunkin Donuts coffee, by the way, tastes just like it does at the T-stop for Hynes Convention Center/ICA, but here they have durian and melon flavored donuts, and all of the sandwiches are halal.