On a Lighter Note…

So I’ve finally posted the pictures from Bandung. Sorry for the delay, we were a bit distracted with the election and all. We hope you enjoy them, we sure had fun taking them!

Also, there’s a picture of Tom’s ayam goreng if you’d like to look. (yum!)

We found out that the end of Ramadhan is a bigger holiday than we thought. It seems that the entire week afterwards (the week after next) is a holiday and the Institute will be closed. We’d love to use the time to travel, but we’ve been warned that it’s incredibly hard during this time. We’ve also heard that Jakarta is deserted. So if even only half of Jakartans decide to return to their home towns (a reasonable estimate) that would mean about 5 million people travelling. At least. So we’ll have to figure out what we’re going to do….