OK, We'll Talk Sox

We’re sure that you’re all tired of reading about the Red Sox, but no one else you know is writing about Boston from Indonesia, so just put up with it.

We’re thrilled to have the BoSox win. Aside from Yankees fans and Cardinals fans, we can’t imagine anyone actually rooting against them. We’re not really die-hard Red Sox fans because we never grew up there, but we’ve lived in New England long enough. Our friend Josh raises the point that all this yammering about the curse is annoying. To this we must certainly agree, but we don’t hold that against the team. The curse blabber is a product of newscasters and sports radio. And anyway, it’s over now. Nice.

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  1. Jeff October 28, 2004

    Sorry Tom, but saying the curse was created by sportscasters and the media is like saying the moons of Jupiter were created by Galileo. It may have taken awhile to see it was there, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t exist. In fact, it still does. It’s just that the Sox have finally learned how to stop worrying and work the curse.
    The four wins against the Cards have taking the heat off the Yankees by showing that Boston was an unbeatable team over the last ten days, and the reasons for this became more and more clear as the League Championship Series and the World Series progressed: some kind of (possibly Dominican) voodoo. The “tribute” of three initial consecutive losses to the Yankees in the ALCS paid to the Babe’s number 3, the letting of Schilling’s blood into his “red sock,” the Masonic handshakes, the chicken blood (we hope it was chickens) or whatever it was on their helmets, a total lunar eclipse on the night of their final win — these things were not, I think, incidental to the Sox overcoming of the Curse of the Bambino in 2004.
    In fact, unconfirmed rumor has it that there’s a new slogan in the works for next season: Boston Red Sox — “Wicked” Good.

  2. Josh October 28, 2004

    The Sox are scheduled to raise their world championship banner on their home opener, April 11 vs. New York. Wowie wow wow.

  3. Tom October 29, 2004

    First, I want to know, Jeff, if this sort of resentment is common to all Yankee fans. For a team that bought Pay-Rod for four billion dollars a season, who is run by George Steinbrenner, I think that allegations of wizardry and black magic are suspect.
    Josh, are you a Yankees fan? Why does this bother you? When do teams normally raise their world championship banners?

  4. Josh October 29, 2004

    I hate the Yankees. The Sox raising it then doesn’t bother me. I think it’s actually a pretty awesome F.U. to the Yankees next April.

  5. James October 29, 2004

    Tru nuf, Josh. And if it’s one thing New Yorkers understand, it’s “F.U.”

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