Indonesian Phrase-of-the-Day

Our friend Ryan often talks about funny phrases in Tibetan, Sanskrit, Japanese, Chinese, or whatever language he’s learning. We’re not even kidding, he is learning all of those languages. I (TP) finally have a contender: cirit bintang (CHEE-reet BIN-tahng).

Cirit means “diarrhea.” Bintang means “star.” So, of course, cirit bintang means “meteor.” Diarrhea-star.

(I was looking up ciri [CHEE-ree], which means “distinguish mark” or “hallmark” in the abstract sense. Cirit was right underneath.)

Comment 1

  1. fazu October 27, 2004

    In Malay, it’s “tahi bintang”. Though I have to admit cirit is a bit more graphic!

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