Weekend's Here

Well another week is gone! (for us at least) I think we’re going to hang around here this weekend, go to a museum or two and explore Jakarta some more. Hopefully we will be able to take some more pictures to be posted on Monday.
The people at the Freedom Institute found some work for me to do today so I’ve been entering Journal titles and authors into the computer for a few hours. It’s nice to be useful. And I’ve now told Tom that he’s not ever allowed to use the word “toward” in a title (as in “Toward a Better Transatlantic Relationship”). Ever. Everyone uses it and it just ends up sounding cheesy (in my opinion).
A quick anecdote. I left on my own yesterday and was not having luck flagging down a taxi. A man passed me on the street and said hi, and had noticed my failed attempts. He walked up a little further, and just as I successfully caught a driver’s eye, he, not noticing, started waving at the taxi and pointing to me. I thought it was very nice of him to help me. Conclusion- all Indonesian men are not lecherous and rude. Yeah! (jm)

I, on the other hand, am brain-dead from too much thinking about political economy. Mundell-Fleming Conditions. Stolper-Samuelsson Theorem. Fixed exchange rates, floating exchange rates, pegged exchange rates, currency boards. M0, M1, M2. Liquidity. Liquidity squeezes. Interest rates. Exchange rates. Real exchange rates. Real effective exchange rates (what?).

On the other hand, go Sox. For your internet viewing pleasure, I give you the Boston Sports Guy. If you’re an Angels fan, my condolensces, and don’t bother. (tp)

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  1. eeee October 9, 2004

    Having seen it in person, I think the BoSox have got my Halo’s number… I would be tempted to repeat some of the chants frustrated Angel fans sent the Boston fans way, such as 19-18! and “go back to Boston, you are clogging up my freeways” but that would in poor taste, and we are down 0-2. I still believe in the Rally Monkey, but if they don’t let him in to Fenway this weekend and Boston advances I will be pulling for Boston.
    “YANKEES SUCK” (another common chant at the bball game, as I am sure all would expect with inebriated Boston fans in attendance, that I certainly agree with)

  2. Julie October 9, 2004

    Dude, I’m sorry. I have to admit, I can’t actively root for the Sox cause I kind of like the Angels, but it would be cool for them if they won. You should check out the Sports Guy on ESPN Page 2, he’s got some pretty funny comments about the games (although beware, he’s a Sox fan).

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