Singapore for a Night

Our trip gave us a layover in Singapore for a night, so we stayed at what we thought was a rather budget-style hotel near the airport. Boy were we wrong…totally luxurious. Fortunately it was still nice and cheap. For this reason, we can wholeheartedly recommend Singapore as a nice weekend vacation destination, so long as you don’t mind the 21 hours of transit from the East Coast.

We leave for Jakarta in an hour. So much for free high-speed internet. It’s been fun while it lasted!

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  1. Josh May September 19, 2004

    What a great site! Eager to hear more about your trip and see pictures!
    Have a great time! How many hours of travel for a weekend getaway in Singapore from the Left Coast?

  2. Sandy September 19, 2004

    After 21 hours on a plane, I’m sure anything is considered luxurious. Hope you had a good sleep.

  3. Julie and Tom September 19, 2004

    From the West Coast, it’s a luxurious 18 hours. Just a hop. Of course, this does not include layovers.

  4. Alma September 23, 2004

    Very interesting site… write on…
    Like you, I enjoyed our stay in Singapore too. Everything is clean and safe… the Singaporeans are very disciplined people, and everything is in order…
    Would like to go back to Singapore too…

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