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President Trump’s Downfall as a Democratic Transition

President Trump has had a bad week. Last week’s firing of FBI Director James Comey was followed last night by reports that the President has revealed classified information to the Russians. This news has added to the steady drumbeat of criticism from

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Learning from Marginal Effects Plots

I really enjoy thinking about how to present quantitative information in a visual format rather than in boring tables of digits. However, at the same time, I think that many common ways to visualize quantitative results in political science are actually misleading. How

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The Logic of Gun Ownership and the Refugee Test

It seems to me that the following three claims cannot all be true. 1. The terror attacks in France would not have been so deadly if only more French people had guns. 2. Refugees are a threat to American security.

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Why Crowd-Sourced Election Monitoring Mattered in Indonesia

Indonesia’s 2014 election finally came to a close last Friday, as Indonesia’s Constitutional Court rejected the Prabowo-Hatta team’s challenge of the July 9 elections (see Ray Yen at New Mandala for some pictures). This is not an unexpected ruling: we

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Approximate Blogiversary

Sometime in late August 2004 JM and I set up the original version of this blog. (The dates are approximate because some of the earliest posts were lost long ago.) Ten years on, here we are. Here are the top

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